Welcome to the gallery. Here you’ll find videos which will show you the lengths vehicle manufacturers go to when developing and testing your car or motorcycle. All done to ensure the high quality genuine parts your vehicle is made from work together safely and reliably.

You’ll also see why genuine parts are always best.

Beware of Strangers

Behind the scenes at Ford Australia’s You Yangs Proving Ground

Holden engineers on the VF Commodore’s safety development

More from behind the scenes at Ford’s You Yang’s Proving ground

Ford Australia looks at the people behind the design and engineering

Ford Australia engineer Stephen Andrews talks durability testing

Mitsubishi's parts manager Adrian Roach on why genuine parts are best

Genuine Subaru parts are made to exacting standards for your safety

A quick look at the durability tests Nissan put the Navara through

Genuine Subaru brake pads ensure the best performance with EyeSight

Genuine Subaru brake pads in action during a collision avoidance test

Performance tests across a broad range of temperatures

Toyota turns the temperature up when developing its cars

Bone shaking bumps are just part of Toyota’s tough testing

Toyota’s ‘glass pit’ lets engineers examine a crash from all angles

What happens if your airbag is a hundredth of a second late?

Mercedes-Benz authorised repairers are equipped to work on complex safety systems

High-performance engine designed for Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles

Mercedes-Benz service ensures your car will be fitted with genuine parts

Genuine Is Best Wheel Test

Comparative tests of Genuine Ford structural steel collision parts versus aftermarket

Impact tests compare a genuine Holden aluminium bonnet with phoney import

Visual inspection reveals poor fit and finish

Bonnet strut not capable of supporting heavier fake steel bonnet

Genuine bonnet performs better in every test